Battery Dance Company offers tranquility classes free of charge for all healthcare workers

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Thursday, May 28, 2020
Dance company offers free tranquility classes for healthcare workers
Battery Dance, a New York-based dance company, is giving back to health care workers with mindful-movement sessions. The free class is designed to provide a safe space for anyone feeling stressed from the coronavirus pandemic to let loose and find their inner peace within themselves.

BABYLON, New York -- After the curtains closed on Battery Dance, a New York-based dance company, the non-profit organization wasn't sure what they were going to do next.

However, Jonathan Hollander, President of Battery Dance Company, decided to launch an online platform where everyone could get involved and participate in dance classes virtually.

Hollander wanted to give back by offering a specific tranquility session specifically for healthcare workers on the front lines.

"It's a combination of improvisation that's prompted by different poetic ideas and just simple breathing and stretching exercises," said Hollander. "There's no aspect that is challenging or difficult because people don't need more stress after what they've been dealing with in the hospitals."

The "Mindful Movement" sessions are 15 minutes long and conducted by dancers from across the Battery Dance Company.

Even if you are not a healthcare worker on the front lines and you are feeling stressed from the pandemic, anyone can join in and participate in the session.

"We know that people are experiencing too much pressure in their lives, you know dealing with hospitals, dealing with patients, dealing with the overwhelming need of equipment," said Hollander. "Getting into the core of one's own body and not thinking about anybody else for a few minutes, from health care workers whose entire framework of thought has been about taking care of other people; they need to spend some time taking care of themselves."


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