Best tower fans to keep you cool

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
best tower fans
Here are the best tower fans to add to your space.

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Tower fans can help keep your space cool on those hot, summer days and can easily be transported around your home, depending on where you need some extra cooling. They're slim so they don't take up too much space, and are far more energy efficient than running your air conditioner all day long. Below, find the best tower fans to buy right now, plus a shopping guide for tower fans in case you want to select your own.

Tower fan shopping guide

Noise level: You'll want a tower fan that has a night mode so it won't disturb you overnight. Every option we recommend is fairly quiet and has multiple fan speed levels, including an option designed to be specifically used at night - usually setting your fan to the lowest speed setting and dimming any console lights.

CFM: CFM stands for cubic feet for minute and measures how much air a fan can move in a minute. A higher CFM rating means a fan is better at cooling and generating airflow. Most options below are best for rooms under 200 feet, as tower fans will generally have a max CFM of 1,500. While they can be used for bigger spaces, they won't be as efficient as cooling them, so keep that in mind when you shop.

Design: Tower fans are all slim and portable. For your convenience, we've only recommended options that weigh under 10 pounds so you can easily store them or transport them around your home.

Remote control: Some tower fans come with the option of a remote control so you can operate them from your bed or your couch.

Smart functions: Some tower fans can be integrated into your smart home ecosystem, so you can use Google or Alexa to operate them hands-free. You can also set schedules and turn your fan on or off remotely.

Best tower fans

Best overall

10% off

Dreo 120 Oscillating Tower Fan

  • $116.98
  • $129.99

    I've owned this Dreo fan for around two years now and it's been my go-to product to keep my New York City studio cool during the summers. It has a quiet mode that's barely audible at night time (just 25dB which is akin to the sound of breathing), and up to 12 speed settings depending on how much cooling you need. There is also a special Auto Mode that personalizes your fan's setting, depending on the ambient temperature in your room. It oscillates too, which makes it perfect for cooling my large open space. Finally, it can also be integrated with your chosen smart home assistant so you can operate your new fan with just voice controls.

    Airflow capacity (CFM): 1475 Cubic Feet Per Minute (best for rooms between 200 to 300 square feet)

    Best splurge


    Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde

    • $749

      Dyson's option is a fan that doubles as an air purifier. It has a high price tag, but it's worth the money, and here's why: It has a HEPA filter to capture any dust, dirt or bacteria. It also has 350-degree oscillation, to capture almost every inch of your room. There are also automatic filter notifications on the fan itself and available through the MyDyson app. It's also advertised as a formaldehyde (odorless, toxic gas released from common household items) eliminator, built with a catalytic filter. There are also auto shut-off features and a night mode for quiet operation.

      Airflow capacity (CFM): Unavailable, but suitable for rooms up to 999 square feet, according to the brand

      Most aesthetic

      12% off

      Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan

      • $65.99
      • $74.99

        With three quiet fan speeds and 60-degree oscillation, this is one of the best tower fans you can buy. It comes with an easy-to-use remote control and a nighttime setting that dims the LED lights on your fan. There is also a carry handle, making it easy to move around your apartment. It is louder than some of our other picks, clocking in at 55 dB at its highest setting (as loud as a normal conversation between two people). You can shop it in two colors, including a wood grain option that will blend well into any living space.

        Airflow capacity (CFM): 634 Cubic Feet Per Minute, best for rooms under 200 square feet

        Best budget

        25% off

        Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

        • $55.99
        • $74.99

          This no-frills tower fan comes with eight speed settings including a sleep setting to keep you from getting disturbed at night. It oscillates too, and comes with a remote control that nestles in a slot conveniently placed on the back of this fan. It also has a carrying handle for ease of transport and an auto-off timer so you can set schedules. Amazon customers say it's easy to assemble too, great for smaller spaces like a studio apartment, nursery or home office.

          Airflow capacity (CFM): 500 Cubic Feet Per Minute, best for rooms under 200 square feet

          Most portable


          Abolee Tower Fan

          • $39.99

            The Abolee Tower Fan weighs just three pounds and is perfect to place on your home office desk or nightstand. It has four speeds and four modes, including a sleep mode for quiet operation. There is also 70-degree oscillation and an included remote control like all the other options on our list. This one is best for small spaces, or if you're looking for something ultra-portable. It's also quieter than some of our larger picks with a noise level of just 29 dB at its lowest setting, just slightly louder than our top pick.

            Airflow capacity (CFM): Unavailable, but will be lower than our other picks as it's much smaller (13-inches)

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