The Fabulous Queen of Brooklyn's Vintage Clothing: Meet Gizmo Vintage Honey

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Friday, April 2, 2021
Meet the queen of vintage clothing in Brooklyn
Thanks to a little help from New York Nico, Gizmo Vintage Honey isn't going anywhere any time soon!

NEW YORK -- In Bed-Stuy New York, there's a vintage clothing shop unlike any vintage clothing shop you've seen before! On any given day, you'll find Gizmo Vintage Honey, along with her sidekick dog Poopie Butt, outside of her store doing the walk and talking the talk when it comes to old school cool.

Most people find Gizmo through her Instagram @gizmo_vintage_honey, where she posts exuberant videos of her showing off the vintage clothes she has for sale and her own fashion brand, Lulu. That's where New York Nico, aka Nicolas Heller found her. After he shared one of her videos on his profile she quickly went viral, gaining thousands of followers almost overnight.

During the pandemic, business has been rough all over the city, but thanks to Gizmo's infectious, optimistic, personality and people like New York Nico, she's confident that New York will make a comeback.

Check your local listings to watch the full episode Localish Legends: New York Nico premiering this Saturday 4/2!


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