Family honored as Leukemia Research Foundation's 2018 'Hero Family'

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

At least nine Chicago buildings will be lit up in orange to symbolize the hope and optimism among those battle the disease.

Among those are the Erickson family, who was recently honored as the Leukemia Research Foundation's 2018 "Hero Family."

The family of "heroes" include mom Terri, dad Dan, big sister Finnleigh and baby Declan.

Life changed dramatically when 9-month old Declan was diagnosed with acute infant leukemia.

Now the whole family, including 5-year-old Finnleigh, is fundraising for blood cancer research.

The family visited ABC7 on Wednesday with Kevin Radelet, executive director of the Leukemia Research Foundation.

Declan was about 9 months old when he was diagnosed with acute infant leukemia. He went from eating solid foods, crawling, playing to suddenly not doing all of these. He was bruising easily, sleeping constantly, and had low-grade fevers. A typical trip to the doctor led to ambulance trips and the message that Declan he would need a blood transfusion or he would die.

Declan is the first infant in Chicago to undergo a unique aggressive form of therapy. As a result, he's now in remission.

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