A single blood donation can save a life, recipient says

You have a chance to take a little time out of your day to help save a life on Tuesday, January 13. You can still register to donate at The ABC 7 Great Chicago Blood Drive.

One woman's story is proof every donation counts.

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"They said I wasn't going to make it," Brenda Hill said. "I went into cardiac arrest twice. They didn't expect me to live. So it's been a long road to recovery, that's for sure."

A medical emergency led to the diagnosis of a rare heart condition, Hill said.

"My diagnosis is cardiac amyloidosis," she explained. "It happens when your body makes too much protein. We all have protein in our bodies which is normal, but the protein, in turn, attacks your body. It attacks vital organs, it can be in your skin, it can be like, I have it basically, it's in my heart."

Hill said her condition lead to being bedridden, needing therapy, home care and blood transfusions to help her recover. She hopes that sharing her story will showcase just how important your donation can be.

"I'm hoping it helps other people because they can see my story and where I go, you know, how important it is to donate," she said. "Look at me, if I was short one liter of blood, I wouldn't have got it. So that could have been one person doing that. So don't think you're not going to make a difference. Don't think because you are, we are going to make a difference."

ABC 7 Chicago is partnering with the American Red Cross for the 7th annual ABC 7 Great Chicago Blood Drive on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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