'I was offended. I felt disrespected': Victim of alleged racism at Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings demands response

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Victim of alleged racism at Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings says company fails to understand impact
One of the victims involved in an alleged racists incident at a Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant say the restaurant is failing to understand the impact of the situation.

AURORA, Ill. (WLS) -- The alleged racist incident at a Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings has gone viral after a group of people claim they were asked to move because of the color of their skin.

Now, one of those customers involved is demanding a strong response and claims the company is failing to understand the impact of what took place.

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Lawyers, but not company executives, have been in touch with the families that were subjected to racial harassment two weeks ago the suburban restaurant.

Marcus Riley said it still feels like the company is protecting the racists, and not helping victims and the community to heal.

"I was offended. I felt disrespected. I really couldn't hone in on how was this actually happening right now," he stated.

Riley sat in his lawyer's office recounting, once again, the impact a stranger's intolerance had on him, his family and the broader group he was with October 26.

"Anger, frustration and confusion. Just all kinds of brewing and I knew what I had behind me. I know what I represent as a person, a black male," Riley said.

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African-American customers say they were asked to change tables at a Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant because of their skin color.

Riley was a part of a large group that went to the establishment for a meal that Saturday night. They claim they were told by a host they have to move because a nearby white, regular customer didn't want black people near him.

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The group decided not to move. A short time later, they said they were appalled when the host and his supervisor sat down and appeared to commiserate with the customer who made the request.

"I didn't get up. I didn't walk out .I didn't storm off. I didn't yell," Riley said. "We hadn't broken any rules."

Riley said his boys, aged 6 and 10, were among those crying at Tuesday's press conference and remain traumatized from the event.

WATCH: Full press conference

A group of customers at a Buffalo Wild Wings who say they were asked to move tables because of their skin color spoke out at a press conference Tuesday morning.

Buffalo Wild Wings has said they are willing to work with attorney Cannon Lambert and others who are demanding reform to the chain's hiring and training policies.

"We're getting contacted by people all throughout the country who are understanding what this is, or talking about that it has happened to them in the past. Talking about the history of Buffalo Wild Wings," Lambert said.

"It is hard to walk into restaurants. It is hard to walk into schools. It is hard to be taught, you are wondering what your peers are thinking and it's just hard to manage," Riley said.

A manager and supervisor at the Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings have since been fired in regards to the incident.

Buffalo Wild Wings issued a new statement on the incident Wednesday afternoon, saying:

"Buffalo Wild Wings' leadership does not condone in any way what happened at the company's Naperville location, which is why swift action was taken once we had all the facts.

This included dismissing involved team members at the Naperville restaurant and meeting in-person with city officials, guests and team members, so we could learn from this moment. Further, we will be conducting enhanced sensitivity training in our restaurants and working with city officials and community leaders to provide input and counsel.

The families involved brought up several great recommendations and requests in their press conference yesterday, all of which we can positively address. While we are working now with civic and community organizations in Naperville and surrounding area, we also look forward to having a meaningful, open dialogue with the families when they are ready."