Boy, 12, shot in his living room released from hospital, family wants to move somewhere safer

CALUMET CITY, Ill. (WLS) -- Twelve-year-old Danny Munoz was back at home Monday after he was shot in the head while standing in his living room.

"We were watching TV and I was sitting over there and we heard loud stuff outside," Munoz said.

The loud noises were gunshots fired outside of his Calumet City home Friday night.

"We thought it was fireworks, and I just got hit," he said.

One bullet shattered the front window of the house in the 500-block of Douglas Avenue.

"It just happened quick," Munoz said.

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Munoz was watching Pokemon when the bullet traveled through his television and lodged into the back of his head.

"I screamed, just screamed," he said.

Munoz was just inches away from his older brother, who held him in his arms until the ambulance came.

"When I first went downstairs I saw my son Carlos hugging Danny on the floor covered in blood," said Alejandra Serbin, Munoz's mother.

After an emergency surgery, the 12-year-old said he is still in pain and losing sleep.

"He says, 'Why me? Why are they shooting at me?' That breaks my heart so much," Serbin said.

The family is now trying to raise money to move out of Calumet City. They said they have significant safety concerns.

Serbin said she thought about all the other children in the Chicago area who were shot this summer who did not survive.

"Every kid asking me- why us? All the time we see it on the TV and now it happened to us, and now I know how the other mom feels," Serbin said.
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