Man brings camel to Michigan PetSmart

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Man brings camel to Michigan PetSmart
A man took his pet camel for a Sunday stroll at a PetSmart in Michigan.

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- A man took his pet camel for a stroll at a PetSmart in Michigan.

Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo shared Facebook Live video of the camel, named Jeffrey, making his way through the aisles of the pet store with the owner Scott Lewis on Sunday.

The owner of the farm says they had a camel trainer working with Jeffrey who needed to know exactly how much Jeffrey weighs in order to give him accurate dosages of his annual medications and vaccines.

"The trainer was helping with Jeffrey's skills on riding in the trailer so we could safely transport him to a large industrial scale to have him weighed," said Jenny Ferels, Brand Ambassador at Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo.

PetSmart's pet policy has a list of animals owners can bring to the store, but camels are not one of them.

There was no need to "camel-flauge" Jeffrey this time.

"We knew he loved people and thought PetSmart would be a great place to practice," said Ferels. "The managers agreed and off we went."

They ran into several of Jeffrey's fans who recognized him from the farm.

"Jeffrey loved every minute of it, he absolutely adores meeting people," Ferrel said. "He's a ham."

They eventually got him to a scale and he weighed in at exactly 1400 pounds.

The farm received Jeffrey, now 11, since he was a baby.

Jeffrey, now 11, has been with Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo since he was a baby.
Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo

Every year, they hold a birthday party for him and treat him to some cake.

Jeffrey, the 11-year-old camel is treated to a birthday cake every year.
Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo

The farm is holding an annual summer birthday bash this August were people can come meet Jeffrey in person.