After losing daughter to cancer, local family creates foundation to support pediatric patients

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Monday, June 5, 2023
Chicago area family donate 'smile packs' to pediatric cancer patients
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Scott and Pammy Kramer lost their daughter Maddie to cancer, but have chosen to turn their tragedy into joy by donating "Smile Packs" to local hospitals/

6/1/23 -- When Maddie Kramer died from cancer in January of 2018, her parents Scott and Pammy Kramer knew that wasn't the end of her story.

"Our commitment from that moment was to ensure that her life continued to be remembered as an inspiration," Scott Kramer said.

While in the hospital Maddie would dance, sing and play, still holding on to the innocence and joy of childhood. Her parents quickly realized that while their world was being turned upside down, Maddie's only concern was still being a kid. So they created Dancing While Cancering: The Maddie Kramer Foundation in her honor. The foundation focuses on bringing joy to kids in the hospital while they battle cancer.

"The main way we bring joy to kids in the hospital is by gifting our Smile Packs to them upon diagnosis," said Pammy Kramer. "There are streamers and decorations for the room, musical instruments, wireless speakers to bring some music and life to the hospital room. And the smile pack is really a reminder to the caretaker that they can make the hospital room their own."

Their efforts do not go unnoticed. Dancing While Cancering has received an enormous amount of positive feedback and thank you notes from both kids and caretakers. One mother even shared how her child hadn't smiled in weeks, until they received their Smile Pack from Dancing While Cancering.

The Kramers said as long as cancer is around and doesn't have a cure, they and their foundation will be there to support families and patients as much as they can, bringing as many smiles to these kids as possible.

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