Fan pays tribute to Chicago Bears on his front lawn

ByBlanca Rios WLS logo
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
Family pays tribute to the Chicago Bears
Family pays tribute to the Chicago Bears on their front lawn.

LA MOILLE, IL (WLS) -- Down in central Illinois, in what he calls the "middle of nowhere", Luke Mattioda has created a shrine of sorts to the Chicago Bears.

The Bears fan has spray painted a replica of the Chicago Bears football field in the front yard of his home.

It's about a third of the size of the real deal but it took him about four hours to create.

"Just because, we're huge Bears fans," said Mattioda.

Mattioda along with his wife, Kylie and their two young children, Gianluca and Mila, live in the small town of La Moille, which is just north of Peru.

They happen to live on a farm with a 2-acre canvas of grass.

Mattioda, who studied film at Columbia College in Chicago took his masterpiece one step further with a family music video.

"I put together the fight song in my own arrangement," said Mattioda.

He says his wife wasn't too thrilled about the idea at first.

"She thought I was crazy. But after she saw it, (the field) she loved it," said Mattioda.

The rest of the family loves it too including his 2-year-old son Gianluca.

"He runs on it for hours and hours. It wore him out that first day", said Mattioda.

It's been two weeks since he painted the field.

The recent rain has faded the field quite a bit.

Mattioda says he's thinking of touching it up to keep up with the rest of football season.