Chicago couple shares difficult journey of infertility through blog

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Casey and Michael Finn thought it would be easy for them to start a family in their 20s.

"(We) thought 'we're healthy people, this is going to happen quickly; it did for many of our friends,'" Casey said. "When it didn't, it was kind of eye opening for us."

Her husband agreed.

"We really took for granted what we had planned and didn't really expect what was coming, but it's gonna make us better parents and a stronger couple," he said.

The couple went through three years of trying and three miscarriages before Casey recently found out she was pregnant. During that time, the Finns documented their journey through posts and videos in their blog, The DIY Playbook.

"We had been going through infertility for about six months silently, and I just thought ... I'm sharing all things about home and, to me, the most important part about a home is the people in it," Casey said. "It was really nerve-wracking because we talk about paint colors and throw pillows, so to talk about infertility was really kind of coming out of left field."

But Casey said when she shared, women all over the world responded.

And while the focus is frequently on women dealing with infertility, Michael said it's important for men to be included in the conversation, too.

"It's a journey together, but it is very difficult because you're always a passenger," he said. "You really want to make sure you can support her every single day through every single action and just always be who she needs that day."

Casey said it still doesn't quite feel real. She is 18 weeks pregnant.

"It took us three years to get to this point, and we're still not there yet," she said. "If you want to be a parent, there are many ways to be a parent. Just keep on fighting for the family that you want."
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