Democratic National Convention 2024 pick spotlights Chicago labor union ties

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Thursday, April 13, 2023
DNC's Chicago pick sends strong message about union labor
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The Democratic party sees labor's support as their key to victory and Chicago was the perfect choice to convey that message for the 2024 DNC.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Democratic National Committee's decision to pick Chicago as host for the 2024 convention sent a strong message about the party's connection to labor and unions.

Chicago has long represented the heart of the labor movement, and now that strength is something President Joe Biden is counting on to help him reach the magic number of Electoral College votes and secure a second term.

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"So I think that the quickest path to 270 is through the labor movement of the Midwest," said Bob Reiter, president of the Chicago Federation of Labor.

The DNC's selection of Chicago, with the United Center as the hub for the major events, is also a signal that the Democrats want to win back working class votes the party began losing in the 1970s.

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"It's going to make an economic case for to working class people for voting for its candidates and that organized labor is a critical partner in bringing those voters back to the Democratic Party," said Robert Bruno, professor of Labor and Employment Relations the University of Illinois.

Besides the union jobs the convention will bring to Chicago, party leaders also emphasized their commitment to pushing the economic windfall out from the convention hubs which include McCormick Place to the neighborhoods.

In South Shore, there is a real hope that will become a reality. Yvette Moyo is the CEO of the Quarry Arts Culture and Events Center, home to a jazz club and a small retail store.

"So there will be people that will know you don't come here and just leave, especially in August. It's like the most beautiful city in the world in South Shore with our South Shore tourism. We have beach tours, we have mural tours, the murals tell the social story of the community," she said.

Moyo's been working with the city to make sure conventioneers are encouraged to explore the city's neighborhoods and experience more than just what's available downtown or close to the convention sites.