Migrants Chicago: As housing crisis continues, some expected to move into Lake Shore Hotel

3 Chicago police station migrants hospitalized with flu-like symptoms Tuesday: source

Thursday, August 31, 2023
Heated meeting held over migrant shelter in Hyde Park
A heated meeting between city officials and Hyde Park residents was held Wednesday night over plans to move migrants into the Lake Shore Hotel.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Migrants are expected to start moving into the Lake Shore Hotel this Friday.

The mayor's office said the Hyde Park hotel could house up to 300 migrants. The city is struggling with the constant influx of migrants.

That hotel was chosen, in part, because it previously housed migrants earlier this year. But some neighbors say there were problems back then with noise, cleanliness, and even drug use.

In Hyde Park, the spokesperson for the Office of Emergency Management said Lake Shore Hotel will house migrants.

At a standing room only meeting between city officials and Hyde Park residents, there were angry words and heated confrontation over the plans.

"I don't want them there!" said one woman. "Take them someplace else or send them back to Venezuela! I don't care where they go!"

ABC7 Political Analyst Laura Washington has more in the efforts to help migrants in Chicago.

"This is a generous city. We are a city of immigrants," said another woman.

"We believe that every community should support the asylum seekers," another woman said.

Some Hyde Park residents welcome stable options for families who have just arrived.

"I think we do have enough resources to welcome these people properly, but we have to make a decision to use our wealth that way," said Saba Ayman-Nolley, president of the Hyde Park Kenwood Interfaith Council.

Some residents near the hotel did not want to go on camera, but are concerned about this already congested area and the unhoused residents already struggling.

"I don't say anything about taking care of other people, but you take care of your own first. Don't you? Don't you take care of you own before you take care of somebody else?" Hyde Park resident Cornell Tyler said.

Officials say the Lake Shore Hotel will be used as a shelter for six months, and the migrants staying there will be families with children, many with medical needs.

The city is a step closer to buying 3034 W. Foster Ave., currently owned by the Water Reclamation District.

At the last Water Reclamation Board meeting, it was discussed as a potential place to house migrants. The deal goes before the full City Council next month.

The president of the Fraternal Order of Police shared video he took of three police stations where new arrivals are staying in lobbies.

Tuesday night, Chicago paramedics transported three people, two adults and a child, from the 4th District.

A source told ABC7 Chicago the patients were migrants with flu-like symptoms.

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Andrew Johnson is a resident of North Park, who has been helping migrants and is a board member of the Hollywood North Park Community Association.

"I'm eager for this proposal to move forward; I'm eager to help them move into the new facility. I'm eager to help neighbors and organizations in our neighborhood organize around the needs of this community," Johnson said.