Family of man fatally shot by CPD files petition for special prosecutor

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The family of a man shot and killed by a Chicago police officer six years ago wants a special prosecutor to investigate their son's death. Flint Farmer's father filed the federal petition on Thursday.

Emmett Farmer said he wants one of two things: either State's Attorney Kim Foxx brings criminal charges against the officer who shot his son, or step aside and let a special prosecutor take over.

It's been several years since Emmett Farmer had to bury his 29-year-old son, Flint.

"I am just trying to get justice for my son," Farmer said. "The pain never changes when you lose a child. You lose a child, you know that's something you'll never forget."

Now Farmer wants criminal charges brought against ex-Chicago police officer, Gildardo Sierra, who shot his unarmed son more than six years ago. Sierra retired from the force in 2015 and court records show Sierra admitted to drinking several beers before starting his shift in which he shot Flint.

"It was caught on camera that police officer shoot my son in the back three times," Farmer said. "This officer should have been indicted and sent to jail."

In 2013, the then-Cook County State's Attorney declined to press charges against Sierra, citing Sierra believed Farmer posted a threat to the officer.

But last year the Independent Police Review Authority ruled that the officer shooting was unreasonable and unjustified. This petition, Farmer said, is the next step in getting justice for his son.

"Justice is going to prevail you know I am not going to give up until it does," Farmer said. "My son can even hear me know, I want him to know that his father is not going to give up."

Emmett said the hearing for his request is scheduled for September 8 and that one of three things could happen. The state's attorney's office could either approve or deny his request or ask for more time to make a decision.
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