Chicago's dancing crossing guard stops traffic and spreads joy in Washington Park

ByJayme Nicholas Localish logo
Monday, February 27, 2023
Dancing crossing guard stops traffic and spreads joy
Tammy Anderson is a crossing guard who's busting a move while keeping children safe in Chicago.

CHICAGO -- She's got some great moves!

Tammy Anderson has become a local sensation as Chicago's dancing crossing guard. She started her job at Beasley Academy on the city's South Side in 2016 and decided to mix it up with some dance moves the next year.

Now in rain, snow, sleet and sunshine, Anderson moves and grooves on State Street, carrying her stop sign and guiding kids to safety.

Anderson takes great pride in her job, a job that has become much more than just getting kids across the street. She has become someone they can count on for an encouraging word or warm hug to make their day better.

Parents and kids alike love her, gushing about how her infectious smile makes them smile. And that feel good vibe even extends to cars and busses passing through. Anderson waves and gives them shout-outs and drivers return the favor with honks and waves.

Tammy Anderson, the dancing crossing guard, helps make State Street a great street to for everyone in the neighborhood.