Chicago weather: Snow making travel treacherous in NW Indiana; cold in city

Michigan City weather includes several inches of snow
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Usually, by this point of the year everyone in the Midwest is tired of the snow, but it's been a weird winter and some people are still excited about the mess Thursday in Indiana.

"It just feels like a little mini Chicago here," said Linda Noble.

It was a welcomed sight for people across Indiana, as a few inches of snow blanketed neighborhood streets and shut down local schools.

"It was nice because I got to sleep in," said 8th grader, Javohn Day.

"I like the snow, I've been raised in the snow because I'm a Chicago native and I love it," Noble added.

Snow started falling Wednesday night in parts of northern Indiana and hasn't stopped since, making travel treacherous.

That snowfall was strong throughout the morning in Michigan City, as snow plows started off by clearing the main roads.

Some stronger flurries also come down by the lake.

Meanwhile, the kids out of school for the day got put to work in the neighborhoods.

"It's good it's just boring. Just out here shoveling, doing chores --simple stuff," Day said. "I woke up and things weren't cleared. The roads weren't cleared so I had to do it. It was hard but it got done quick."

In a normal winter, the few inches of snow falling in a day wouldn't make much of a difference to these Midwesterners, but it's been a pleasant interruption for them after several weeks without a storm.

"It's been kinda weird for me because I thought maybe we'd get snow here in December but we didn't do it," Noble said. "Kinda hit us now...better late than never."

While there's no snow in Chicago, some of the coldest temperatures of the season are gripping the area.
Thursday morning, commuters dressed in several layers braved the walk across the Adams Street Bridge.

Debbie Durrer planned ahead, bundled up inside her parka.

"I can't actually feel the cold. I've got my sunglasses on; they're blocking the cold air. I've got my mask on, which is keeping my face warm, so I'm completely warm and toasty inside," she said.

At LaSalle Street and Wacker Drive, the bank temperature read six degrees.

The single digit caused clouds of steam to rise above the Chicago River.

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Some life-long Chicagoans said they live for weather like this.
"I love the cold. I will always stay in Chicago. Half my family said I'm going to the south. No I am a cold girl," Jackie Ellis said.

Clear skies can trick the mind into thinking it could feel warm, but the icy lakefront and glassy water surface are a reminder that it's not.

Callie Stoyias said if she could be anywhere Thursday it would be in Florida, drinking a margarita on the beach.

As Chicago grapples with the cold, it could always be worse. Thursday is the anniversary of the coldest day ever recorded in Chicago, back in 1985 at minus 27 degrees.

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