Shoppers crowd downtown Chicago streets on 'Super Saturday'

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Sunday, December 24, 2023
Shoppers crowd downtown on 'Super Saturday'
Christmas shopping isn't over yet. Crowds flocked to the Chicago Loop to snag gifts on Super Saturday.

The wonder of Christmas was on full display along Chicago's iconic State Street on Saturday.

"It just looks magical," said Ryleigh Racky.

Last-minute shoppers have been indulging in some final gifts before the holiday.

"Going into Macy's, shopping, and coming out and looking at the windows is always such a fun time. They do a wonderful job every year. We got some clothes for everybody, my mom, my dad, all the parents," said Baileigh Racky.

"Super Saturday" is a last dash before Christmas and the second-busiest shopping day of the year, behind Black Friday.

"I came last week, but today, they have more sales," said Martha Onate.

Nearly 142 million consumers are shopping on Saturday, according to the National Retail Federation.

"Especially for high value items, such as like jewelry, at least for myself. I see them all year, and I'm like, 'Wow, I can't wait to get this when it's finally 30 to 40% off during Christmas or Black Friday.' That's when I get them,'" said Roscoe Lecomte.

About 37% of the Super Saturday shoppers said they're shopping exclusively in stores this year. That's up from about 28% last year.

At a bustling shopping center in Lincoln Park, customers loaded their cars full of gifts.

"I got some things for my partner's side of the family, parents, the brother, his girlfriend. My family, too. So, we've just been busy running back-and-forth," said Katelyn Garcia.

They have been scurrying from store to store before Santa arrives on his sleigh.

"It's the first time that my daughters have been downtown for the holidays. So, they're having a lot of fun. And when I see them smile, and have that Christmas magical joy, it's really awesome," said Kyriako Anasta.