Sam's Toy Box: The hottest STEM toys on the market

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Friday, December 1, 2023
Sam's Toy Box: STEM toys
Inquisitive little minds are always wondering how things work. Well, using basic STEM concepts, kids can build their own toys, play experiment and learn--while having fun.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Inquisitive little minds are always wondering how things work. Well, using basic STEM concepts, kids can build their own toys, play experiment and learn--while having fun.

Professor Maxwell's VT Atlas (Abacus)

-Discover the world in virtual reality with this 138-page interactive illustrated atlas for kids.

-Kids can explore points of interest, landmarks, and world wonders in augmented and virtual reality.

-The set includes 30 pieces loaded with projects and activities to inspire tangible play, while discovering cities, cultures, food, currency, and language from all over the world.

- Kids can use the atlas to learn how to make pizza in Tuscany, complete an origami project while exploring Japan, then drive over the golden gate bridge in VR and complete a science project to understand how triangles distribute weight.

- Includes a scratch map, 3D puzzles, a passport with stamps, and more!

- Winner of Good Housekeeping's Toy of the Year (Good Morning America).

- Ages: 8+

- MSRP: $69.99

- Available: Nordstrom, Target, Amazon, Best Buy

Snap FM Radio by Snap Circuits (Elenco)

-This entry level SNAP FM RADIO STEM kit provides hands-on learning through building kids' very own FM radio.

- Kids can build the FM circuits with easy-to-follow instructions and learn the science of radio waves and electricity.

- SNAP FM provides endless hours of listening fun!

- Kids today don't have many everyday opportunities to learn about electronics and hand build their own electronic machine; the SNAP FM Radio design offers four unique projects that allow kids to build their own FM Radio, understand radio waves, and learn about amplifiers.

- Through building a simple circuit and understanding its components, SNAP FM Radio provides a valuable and practical STEM toy experience for all kids to enjoy.

- Ages: 8+

- MSRP: $19.99

- Available: Amazon

Pyxel A Coder's Best Friend (Educational Insights)

- PYXEL A Coder's Best Friend by Educational Insights is a hands-on coding pet that helps kids learn to code, unleashing their STEM confidence no matter where they are on their coding journey.

- Unbox PYXEL and immediately start coding the newest, smartest breed of pets to perform different tricks, sounds, and emotions with two of the most important coding languages: Blockly and Python - the same Space X uses!

- Activate the code on your computer or use the Code Activator to load & activate codes from anywhere. - No internet connection is required!

- Ages: 8+

- MSRP: $124.99

- Available: Amazon, Walmart, Target,

Numberblocks Step Squad Mission Headquarters (Hand2Mind)

- From the hit TV series Numberblocks, little ones join Numberblock Three at the Numberblocks Step Squad Mission Headquarters!

-Kids can play out their favorite action-packed missions and embark on exciting number adventures to practice counting, sequencing, and other early math skills alongside their favorite characters.

- As little ones work their way from preschool to kindergarten, this must-have set is a great way to make learning fun and encourage a love of numbers.

- To expand on the set, purchase Numberblocks Friends One to Five to accomplish missions with your favorite characters (sold separately).

- Includes the Super Secret Step Squad Headquarters, Numberblock Three, a detachable slide, 11 accessories, and stickers to decorate the set.

-Ages: 3+

- MSRP: $39.99

- Available: Amazon, Target,

Hydraulic Boxing Bots (Thames & Kosmos)

- Kids can build two boxing robots that are powered by hydraulics!

- Learn about the physics, design, and components of hydraulic (water-powered) mechanisms, including gears, cylinders, and pistons.

- The upper and lower body move independently to simulate real-life movements, allowing these boxing bots to dodge, jab, and punch with accuracy.

- Includes the parts to build two boxing bots plus a scoreboard so that you can challenge a friend to a hydraulic robot battle.

- Introduces important physics and engineering lessons through a fun, hands-on building project with a big punch!

- Ages: 10+ with help, 12+ "I got this!"

- MSRP: $49.95

- Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

HD Coloring Kit (Crayola)

-Take your coloring skills to the level of a professional artist with the HD coloring kit designed to give all artists the perfect, displayable outcome every time.

-With extremely detailed coloring pages, a professional art piece that you'll surely want to display is easy to achieve.

- Includes 30 Colored Pencils, one pencil sharpener, and 20 premium pages of HD black and white photos.

- Ages: 8+

-MSRP: $19.99

- Available: Walmart, retailers nationwide Holiday

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