Mexican-born coffee shop owners and siblings say family is key to success

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There's a new coffee shop in Pilsen that's serving up coffee with a Mexican kick.

Brew Brew Coffee and Tea's new location and look is inspired by the upbringing of its three Mexican-born owners - siblings Jazmin, Diana and Christian Medrano.

"We wanted to bring something fresh, something with a connection to Mexico," said Jazmin Medrano.

The coffee shop opened its doors to its second location in Pilsen in late October after closing in September for repair.

From the tiles to its coffee, the Medranos are bringing a little bit of home to their business. One of their best sellers, the Aztec Mocha, is filled with authentic Mexican spices.

"The chocolate that we use is 75 percent cocoa, and it has a very nice kick to it. It's a little bit of bitterness with the cinnamon and sugar," said Diana Medrano.

So far business has been booming. But that wasn't always the case. The Medrano siblings immigrated to the States about 18 years ago from Tijuana, Mexico, following their father's footsteps.

They noticed their neighborhood was missing a place where people could get together. That's when Brew Brew Coffee and Tea first opened its doors at their Avondale location five years ago.

The business did come with its challenges, primarily with finances. But the Medranos were determined and didn't give up. That's a message they want other entrepreneurs to hear.

"We know it's tough, and it came be very challenging. But don't give up. Keep going, and most importantly, find the resources," said Diana Medrano.

The Medranos say with vision, determination and family, anything is possible.

"We want people to be like, if we can make it, like, anyone can. You know, especially us immigrants. We have to support each other and see things with a different perspective," said Christian Medrano.
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