Police release age-enhanced sketch of I-70/35 serial killer believed to be from Indianapolis area

ST. CHARLES. Mo. -- A notorious cold case that has haunted parts of the Midwest for decades is getting another major look.

The Saint Charles Police Department has released a new age-enhanced sketch of the 'I-70/35 serial killer.'

Authorities say this man was responsible for a three-state, 29-day killing spree in 1992.

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The suspect is reported to be between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-9 and police believe he is now between 52 and 70-years old.

Next month, the Saint Charles Police Department is scheduled to meet with all of the agencies involved in the case, including the FBI and the ATF.

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Profilers believe the I-70/35 serial killer came from the Indianapolis area.

The suspect got his nickname because most of his victims worked near Interstate-70.