'We believe that access to food is a right not a privilege,' The Love Fridge helping people find and donate healthy foods

CHICAGO,IL (WLS) -- Colorful Refrigerators are popping along some sidewalks on the city's West Side- but they aren't for sale. These refrigerators are called Love Fridges and they're being place to help supply families in need with nutritious foods.

"I noticed that through my feed these community fridges were popping up within New York and decided to go to one and stocked it. And I asked how can I get down? And that I was going to my home city of Chicago and wanted to make it happen over there," said Ramon Radius, founder of Love Fridges Chicago.

Radius, a photographer, said he reached out to as many people he knew to make it happen. So far there are three current community fridges running. Two in Little Village, one in Bridgeport. Everything is donation based, from the food to the refrigerators. Neighbors can take what they need, and leave what they can.

"The recent pandemic has highlighted, it's definitely highlighted inequalities in our food system in Chicago. So we've been seeking to establish community refrigerators throughout the city especially in areas where access to food is particularly challenging," said Lisa Armstrong, one of the organizers for The Love Fridge Chicago.

The Love Fridge is working with local community gardens and organizations that donate fresh fruits and vegetables. Radius said the sky is the limit of how many community fridges they'll open up on the South and West Side communities of Chicago.
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