Crocodile scares group of tourists posing for photo

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Crocodile nearly takes bite out of tourists
This group thought they were getting a photo with the three-legged crocodile, but instead, they got a bit of a fright.

A couple of tourists got a fright during a friendly prank while on a safari visit.

Staff at the Top End Safari Camp in Australia had some fun with recent visitors who thought they were posing for a photo in front of a motionless crocodile.

According to one of the workers at the safari, most animals are quite gentle, which is why they allow people to pose for photos.

But this time, the only thing that went "snap" was the crocodile behind a group of girls.

A video of the prank shows the worker pretending to ready the group for their picture in front of a three-legged crocodile named Tripod. Behind the group, another member of staff throws some meat towards the croc, causing its jaws to snap shut, and give the guests a fright.

At that, the group of girls went up and running!


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