Here's what to do if your CTA Ventra card is expiring

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Monday, December 11, 2017

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The CTA Ventra card is getting a makeover, as the first batch of cards begins to expire.

Ventra cards were first issued back in 2013. They will begin to expire on Dec. 31.

If your Ventra card is registered through, you'll get an email notification to your current mailing address and receive a free replacement card in the mail. Those who tap their cards at Ventra vending machines will also receive expiration notifications.

If your Ventra card isn't registered and it expires, you'll lose the value on the card, officials said.

The new cards have an updated look and will go on sale starting Monday, Dec. 18. They will not include the prepaid debit feature. That functionality on the old cards will expire on Dec. 31.

People who opened a prepaid debit account as part of their Ventra account will be able to transfer funds to a card offered by Money Network, which administered the feature for Ventra. They can also spend down their prepaid balances or have Money Network return the money via check.

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