Which Cub has the best smile?

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015
(FILE) Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant, Addison Russel and Kyle Schwarber.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago Cubs have a lot to smile about these days. Post season play is in full swing- and they're back in front of a hometown crowd Tuesday at Wrigley Field.

But who's got the best pearly whites? Kris Bryant, according to the Chicago Dental Society. The Cubs third baseman got 66-percent of the vote; infielder Addison Russel came in second; and outfielder Kyle Schwarber followed in third.

"A great smile like Kris Bryant's can be a key asset in life. You can see and feel his confidence when he smiles after hitting a home run. It's infectious," said Dr. Bill Simon, CDS member through a statement.

A baseball player's smile might also be the secret to his longevity. A 2010 Wayne State University study found that players who smiled for their pictures on MLB baseball cards lived longer than those who didn't.

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