Dan Gott, Candidate for Illinois State Senate, 55th District

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Candidate Full Name: Dan Gott

Office: Illinois State Senate, 55th District

Party: Republican

Email Address: dan@gott4change.com

Web Site: gott4change.com

Campaign Name: GOTT. . .to Turnaround Illinois!

Mailing Address: CITIZENS FOR DAN GOTT, PO Box 4282, Des Plaines, Illinois 60016

Phone: (224) 300-0589

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. Please tell us about yourself, your background and why you believe you are qualified to hold this office.

Dan is married for 47 years to his wife Rita, father for two children and grandfather for two grandchildren. Dan is a retired engineer and technology expert who worked 25 plus years in the medical instrumentation and computer technology field. Outside his long career, Dan has a strong passion for his community and for good government that led him to come out of retirement and re-fire himself as a political candidate to help turnaround Illinois. He is not a career politician. People who know Dan understand that he is very focused on promoting core family values and principles. He is dedicated to promoting change in our state that benefits all people living in Illinois. Dan has strong characteristics including honesty, integrity and patriotism. His characteristics are all part of the strong leadership capabilities that he will bring in his service as State Representative.

2. Governor Bruce Rauner and other politicians are pushing for term limits for Illinois legislators. Do you favor term limits? Why or why not? If yes, what type of term limits do you favor?

Dan's has the passion, energy, the drive and the commitment to be your state representative. If elected, he is firm on his belief that we need term limits and we must hold politicians accountable for their actions. Legislative term limits is part of Gov. Bruce Rauner's "Turnaround Agenda" - a set of reforms to put Illinois on a better political and economic course. Dan supports Gove Rauner's proposed 10-year term limits for all members of the General Assembly and an eight-year limit for governors. This is a good compromise towards introducing legislation that helps to eliminate career politicians.

3. What solution would you propose to get a budget passed in the State of Illinois?

To get a budget passed in the State of Illinois, both Republicans and Democrats must put aside their ideological and political differences that have long existed before Gov. Rauner took office. The finger pointing and political mudslinging must stop; each party needs to set aside their political ambitions and make an effort to discuss important issues. Incumbent politicians must put their faith and trust in one another to make sound decisions that benefit all Illinoisans and does not further political party ambitions or individual gain. As a first step, Dan feels it is important for both parties to discuss the existing policy of "borrow tax and spend." Dan is a fiscal conservative who believes you cannot spend your way to prosperity. He says "If you are going to spend it, pay for it; if you are not going to pay for it, don't spend it." The next step to achieve a balanced budget is to talk about structural changes to government policy and entitlement programs that help to reduce or eliminate excessive costs. This includes reforming the public pension system, freezing local property taxes, making workers comp more competitive with surrounding states, tort reform and creating jobs. Dan is committed to fighting entrenched corruption with greater transparency, accountability, and term limits.

4. Chicago is the only city in Illinois with an appointed school board. Other large American cities, including San Francisco, elect their school board members. Would you favor changing Illinois law to provide Chicago with an elected school board? Why or why not?

4. Dan Believes that Chicago needs an elected school board for better neighborhood representation. An appointed school board has too much power to levy taxes without representation. An appointed school board also encourages unfair treatment of Chicago residents and stifles parent voices. It's time to end conflicts of interest and financial mismanagement In Chicago schools.

5. Voters say they are turned off by the negative and misleading TV ads that dominate the airwaves. However, campaign and election experts say candidates rely on them because "they work." Will you and your campaign agree to refrain from running negative ads from now until the election?

I will refrain from running ads that are dishonest, unfair, or make negative insinuations about the character of my opponents. However, there is nothing wrong with advertising that is factual and honest if it lays out a contrast between my opponents and myself on the issues facing Chicagoans. Democracy is about debating ideas, and I will not shy away from letting voters know where the candidates stand. This can be done without attacking people's character.

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