'Dancing with the Stars' week three dance-by-dance recap; Kim Zolciak Biermann reveals her future on the show after suffering mini-stroke

ByCari Skillman
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
'Dancing with the Stars' recap of TV theme song week
"Dancing with the Stars" goes from 11 to 10 couples with a surprising reason for elimination.

LOS ANGELES -- It's TV night in the ballroom for week three of "Dancing with the Stars." And while we come into the broadcast with the usual questions (What songs? What dances?), there really is one big cloud hanging over the ballroom: Kim Zolciak Biermann's health. The Real Housewife suffered a mini-stroke last week and let us know, via social media, that she is not 100 percent. Host Tom Bergeron promised an update; it took a while, but we did finally learn that doctors would not allow Kim to fly and she was stuck in Atlanta. Tom then basically read from the DWTS rule book which states if a person doesn't perform, they must withdraw from the competition.

Here's a recap of the round three routines, from highest score to lowest:

Nick Carter -36 out of 40

Nick's his own worst enemy and is quite good at beating himself up during rehearsal. Sharna had a great line that he should make his new mantra: it's just dancing. They have a Viennese waltz to a song from "Downton Abbey," and the couple beautifully channels Lady Mary and Matthew. The Backstreet Boy is nothing but class during this routine. Julianne Hough called him a true leading man; Bruno Tonioli thought it was like watching "Masterpiece Theater"; Carrie Ann Inaba used the phrase "symphony of movement"; and while guest judge (and season 19 winner) Alfonso Ribeiro told Nick the dance close to perfect, he reminded him that his is a marathon not a spring and to relax a little bit!

Alexa PeneVega - 36 out of 40

Add together a jazz routine, the theme from "Breaking Bad," and the creativity of Mark Ballas and you get one wild dance. Mark says it was his favorite show EVER; Alexa says he's borderline obsessive about it. From the powerful, funky, fight-themed moves to the big yellow hazardous waste suits, it was epic Ballas choreography. Carrie Ann called it genius and powerful; Alfonso said it was awesome; Julianne praised them for working as a true team; and Bruno called the dance pitch perfect.

Alek Skarlatos - 33 out of 40

The young couple needs to tango to the theme song from "True Blood" and Alek is a little shy about tapping into his sexy side. She challenges him to flirt with a lot of the female dancers to help build his macho confidence. All of a sudden it's like the initial episode of "The Bachelor!" They had a great routine, with Alfonso telling Alek he danced like a hero; Bruno called him a true talent; and Carrie Ann let him know that every woman loves a man who can dance!

Tamar Braxton - 33 out of 40

Last week the judges felt Tamar and Val hadn't worked up enough chemistry in the ballroom. Tamar seemed surprised when Val told her he agreed, and added that he doesn't think she's having fun. She promises she is. They bring the Bickersons back to rehearsal and I think that's become their shtick. Tamar also called Val out on always having the same storylines... she called them sexist. You go, girl! They tango to the theme from "Mad Men." Carrie Ann called the dance 'must see TV'; Julianne thought her mix of strength and innocence was refreshing; and Alfonso dubbed her the frontrunner, but reminded her that Val is her leader and she needs to follow him if she wants to make the finals.

Bindi Irwin - 32 out of 40

Bindi and Derek were thrilled with their routine to the "Jetsons" theme song. But a couple of days into rehearsal, they get the dreaded phone call that production was not able to clear the music (that means the owner of the rights to the song said a big fat NOPE). They had to scramble and choreograph/learn a quickstep in two days, this time to the theme from "The Jefferson's." And on top of that, Bindi's playing hurt with an injured foot. Given the limitations, they did more than okay. All the judges love Bindi's energy and enthusiasm; she might need to rein it in a little!

Carlos PeneVega - 31 out of 40

Carlos and Witney were assigned a jazz routine to the theme song from "The Golden Girls." The couple is having to learn the real meaning of 'Thank you for being a friend' as they walk that fine line between teacher/student/friend. They take the stage in gray wigs and grandparent costumes (Tom called it 'old hair, young hips'). Alfonso thinks Carlos is playing it a little safe and wants to see more energy; Julianne said the dance was fun and creative; Bruno praised their partnering; and Carrie Ann wants to see Carlos be "bigger" on stage.

Hayes Grier - 30 out of 40

Hayes really, really, really wants to break out of the middle of the pack. Didn't happen this week. Emma devised a fun, age appropriate jive to the theme from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." The turtle power was not enough to propel them higher in the rankings. The judges thought Hayes burned out about half way through the dance; they encouraged him to work on his energy level, and finishing his movements.

Andy Grammer - 29 out of 40

Andy, the singer, is still on tour so he and Allison Holker are stealing rehearsals (and sleep) whenever and wherever they can. This week they're assigned the very fast quickstep and their TV show is "American Bandstand" (the Barry Manilow version to those of us of a certain age). The routine is full of fun with a true '50s vibe. The judges were entertained, but want Andy to work on his hold, frame and posture. Carrie Ann again told him to just get out of his own head and trust Allison.

Gary Busey - 25 out of 40

It looks like Gary is really getting into this dancing thing. Anna is the perfect, most patient partner for him. Gary admitted that the low scores he got last week left his heart a little hurt but he says he is committed to learning. They tango to the "Addams Family" and while he looked a little more Lurch than Gomez, it was the best dance he's done so far. The judges are thrilled with his perseverance and love the joy he brings to the ballroom; Alfonso called this an "Academy Award winning dance."

Paula Deen - 20 out of 40

Paula and Louis tell us a samba-inspired tale of a fateful trip. In the dance set to the theme from "Gilligan's Island," Louis tells Paula she needs to channel Mrs. Howell. Paula pouts that she wants to be Mary Ann! Paula has a rough rehearsal, because she still hasn't restored her energy from the double-dance last week. She tearfully tells Louis she has a hard time keeping up both mentally and physically. There are tears again when they are camera blocking, and Louis reassures her that he will not abandon her. The judges call her on the carpet for not nailing the choreography, but compliment her ability to channel the character.


Tom plays the game of "Jeopardy" and tells us Andy and Paula are in the bottom two. But due to Kim having to withdraw, no one is sent home tonight. Their scores will carry over to next week, however, so this round will count!