'Dancing with the Stars' recap: 'Villains Night' scares up one perfect score, sends another couple packing

Elaborate costumes and makeup helped push the couples on "Dancing with the Stars" over the top for a Halloween-themed "Villains Night."

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
'DWTS' recap: 'Villains Night' brings 1st perfect score of the season
"Dancing with the Stars" went all out for an early Halloween edition of "Villains Night." The theme paid tribute to favorite characters from horror films.

LOS ANGELES -- Halloween kicked off early thanks to "Dancing with the Stars." The couples went all out, with a big tip of the hat to the costume and makeup departments, for "Villains Night."

The theme paid tribute to the baddest of the bad from favorite horror films. And, we saw the first perfect score of the season!

Here's a rundown of the dances from highest to lowest scores:

Nev and Jenna

30 out of 30

Paso Doble, "Black Swan"

This Oscar-winning movie is a favorite of Nev's. He reveals that he and his dad are actually super fans of the New York City ballet. All those performances must have stuck in his head. Judge Derek Hough called the dance gorgeous from beginning to end; Bruno Tonioli used the word perfect; and Carrie Ann Inaba thought the routine exceeded any of her expectations.

Nelly and Daniela

27 out of 30

Argentine tango, "Nightmare on Elm Street"

Nelly channeled his inner Freddy Krueger, down to the horrific makeup. But Nelly said he actually likes Freddy and thinks he's funny! Carrie Ann called this his best dance yet, both dramatic and dynamic.

Johnny and Britt

27 out of 30

Viennese waltz, tribute to vampires

Johnny was sick about being in the bottom two last week and never wants to experience that feeling again. He's thrilled to do a routine about vampires; he says he's always loved them, maybe because they don't feel like they belong and Johnny can relate. Bruno said they captured the gothic romance of the theme, and the routine was passionate and fluid but with a "bite."

Skai and Alan

27 out of 30

Argentine tango, "Bride of Chucky"

Skai knew she had to bring it this week after her low scoring previous week; she also knows her fans have her back. Believe it or not, she had Chucky and Tiffany dolls when she was little... yes, creepy! All the judges praised her resilience, with Carrie Ann telling Skai she was proud of her, and that the power of her dance was mesmerizing.

Justina and Sasha

26 out of 30

Tango, "Carrie"

This is the first theme these two aren't in sync. He loves Halloween, she doesn't like it at all. However, she does love horror movies. Justina reminisced about her grammar school days and how one teacher, Ms. Madison, encouraged her to pursue her artistic dream. Lo and behold we get a supportive message from Ms. Madison!

Derek praised Justina's dedication, her exquisite frame, and how she uses the entire dance floor.

AJ and Cheryl

26 out of 30

Tango, "Psycho"

Halloween is AJ's favorite holiday; he says he's loved dressing up since he was a little kid. The frivolity of the theme week changed for a bit when Cheryl took a bad fall during rehearsal and whacked her head pretty hard on the ballroom floor. The doctors cleared her to dance so "Psycho" lived! Carrie Ann said she was truly impressed with the difficulty of the routine, and by the light and shade AJ was able to bring to the dance.

Chrishell and Gleb

26 out of 30

Paso Doble, "Maleficent"

Chrishell said she's got this character down because she played a killer psychopath on a soap opera. Her own Halloween history was a little sad; she and her four sisters never got to trick-or-treat because her mom didn't believe in the holiday. Bruno thought her dance was mesmerizing; Carrie Ann said it was storytelling at its finest; and Derek told her she was crushing it.

Jeannie and Brandon

25 out of 30

Paso Doble, "The Silence of the Lambs"

Darling Jeannie transformed herself in Hannibal Lecter, the villain of a movie Jeannie said traumatized her for years. She said she even became a vegetarian after watching the movie! Bruno thought the routine had gusto and intention, and said Jeannie is

irresistible to watch.

Kaitlyn and Artem

24 out of 30

Paso Doble, "101 Dalmatians"

Kaitlyn put on her best black and white wig and became Cruella de Vil for this dance. She said is the exact opposite of the character; Kaitlyn loves dogs and introduced us to her two rescues. The judges liked the dance well enough, but all agreed they want to see more from Kaitlyn.

Monica and Val

22 out of 30

Jazz, "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"

Monica did a jazzy interpretation of the evil Nurse Ratched. She said she was fond memories of Halloween; it takes her back to dressing up and having fun with her two kids (who are now grown). Derek loved her musicality but thought the character got lost a bit; Bruno and Carrie Ann both said there was good technique but not enough expression and intention.

The lightning round of "stay or go" started with eight people safe: Nev, Johnny, Skai, Nelly, Chrishell, Justina, AJ and Kaitlyn.

That left Monica and Jeannie in the bottom two. Bruno voted to save Jeannie; Derek voted to save Monica; and so it was up to Carrie Ann and she voted for Jeannie. So Monica and Val were eliminated.

Next week is a big one! The nine remaining couples have to learn two dances each. And, there will be a double elimination!