Teacher hit by stray bullet in Calumet City celebrates Christmas

CALUMET CITY, Ill. (WLS) -- A Calumet City daycare worker that was hit in the face from the impact of a shooting, said it's a miracle she lived to see another Christmas.

Last week a bullet, meant for someone else, penetrated a window as Sheena Gibson worked inside the daycare. As many as 40 children were inside. The debris from the shooting struck Gibson in the face.

On Christmas day at church, it was a celebration of life.

"The little scar that I have it could only be Jesus that could do that, only God. So I am overwhelmed with love," Gibson said.

Gibson said she still plans to work at the daycare.

Calumet City police said the 47-year-old teacher was injured when she was struck by a stray bullet through the window of the daycare center where she works.

Police said they responded to reports of a gunshot victim around 5 p.m. at the Children's Home Center in the 1600-block of Dolton Road. The victim was taken to Christ Hospital where she is in stable condition, police said.

The bullet pierced a window inches away from where young children sleep and toddlers play.

"That bullet went straight through the daycare center," said community activist Andrew Holmes. He said the woman was struck in the face.

Police said an investigation showed Gibson was not the intended target and was struck by a stray bullet. She was the only person injured.

Witnesses heard six or seven shots fired from outside a convenience store.

"I kind of looked, but it didn't register it was gunshots. I noticed the guys run out the door. As they run out the door, I heard some more shots. Me and the lady behind the register and two more employees, we all ran towards the back of the store where the meat counter is and dove on the floor," said Kevin Collins, witness.

The scuffle happened outside a store known as a constant problematic spot in the Calumet City strip mall.

"It needs to be shut down because the only establishments out here that's been productive in this community out here is this daycare center," Holmes said.

Community activists said this has happened in this shopping center several times, and will not stop until people start telling police who is responsible for the shootings.
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