IL Democrats in Philadelphia for DNC

Monday, July 25, 2016
Illinois delegates arrive in Philadelphia
Illinois delegates at the Democratic National Convention say that Donald Trump has helped unify their party.

PHILADELPHIA (WLS) -- Illinois Democrats are in Philadelphia ahead the opening of the Democratic National Convention on Monday.

Illinois Democratic Party Chairman Mike Madigan predicted that by Thursday his 196-member delegation would be solid in its support for Hillary Clinton.

"I expect the Illinois delegation will be united against Donald Trump because of his extremism and for Hillary Clinton," said Madigan.

However, delegation members who supported Bernie Sanders said they are not entirely on board yet. They want Clinton to accept more of Sanders' progressive agenda on foreign trade, the minimum wage and changes in the way the party selects

convention delegates.

"But I think there are some policy platform issues that we're concerned about," said delegate Carol Ammons, an Illinois state representative.

In the March primary, Clinton won by only 2 percentage points. She has 113 pledged regular and super delegates, compared to Sanders' 83.

Cook County Democratic Chairman Joe Berrios agrees with State Boss Madigan that Republican Nominee Donald Trump has done the most to unify Illinois Democrats.

"I think he constitutes a real danger to the American form of Government. Just too much extremism," Madigan said.

And party fundraiser J.B. Pritzker said Trump sealed the deal for democrats during the Republican nominee's acceptance speech last week.

"Having a speech by Darth Vader on television for an hour, almost an hour and a half, does no good for a party," Pritzker said.