Sen. Dianne Feinstein 'briefly' hospitalized in San Francisco after falling, her office says

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Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Sen. Feinstein 'briefly' hospitalized in SF after falling, office says
Ninety-year-old California Senator Dianne Feinstein was briefly hospitalized after a minor fall in San Francisco but has returned home, her office says.

SAN FRANCISCO -- California Senator Dianne Feinstein was "briefly" hospitalized in San Francisco on Tuesday after falling, her office says.

The 90-year-old senator went to the hospital as a precaution after a minor fall in her home.

VIDEO: Feinstein gets confused in Senate Appropriations Committee hearing and has to be prodded to vote

Sen. Dianne Feinstein had to be corrected and told to vote during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.

Her office says that all of her scans were clear and she returned home.

The last time the oldest member of Congress was hospitalized was back in February, to get treatment for shingles.

That resulted in serious complications, including brain inflammation. This prompted a near-three month absence from Washington.

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When she returned to the Senate in May, her office at the time said she was still experiencing some side effects, including vision and balance issues that require her to use a wheelchair at times.

But just a week later, audio was made public from her exchange with a Los Angeles Times reporter where Feinstein appeared to not know she had been away from Washington for months.

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Concerns arise over Sen. Dianne Feinstein's cognitive health upon return to Capitol Hill after she says 'I've been here. I've been voting.'

And near the end of July, there was confusion during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing. Senator Feinstein was called on to vote for a defense appropriations bill and began reading a statement and continued until an aide whispered in her ear to "Just say aye."

Her office later said she was preoccupied and didn't realize debate had just ended.