Bears Blog 09-22-16

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "I like your tenacity." That's what John Fox said when he was asked again about the status of Jay Cutler for Sunday night in Dallas. The Bears starting quarterback did little more than roam around and watch Brian Hoyer take all the first team snaps for a second straight day. And still, Fox says thru laughter " we'll let everyone know an hour and a half before kick off." The suspense is killing me.

Let's assume --for the purposes of this tiny little blog-- that Hoyer does start on Sunday night. He's won more than he's lost as a starter ( 15 -11 overall) and nearly half of those wins came in Cleveland, where his quarterbacks coach was Bears offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains. " That's probably a big reason why Brian is here," Fox explained today. Adding that their relationship has been helpful for everyone in the quarterback room. Loggains echoed those words adding that Hoyer is a more confident quarterback now than he was two seasons ago.

Wide Receiver Eddie Royal says the same " He's not afraid to make a call in the huddle." The real question is whether the other 10 guys on the field with Hoyer can make his job easier. The offensive line continues to be less than protective. The running game has barely had a chance to establish itself. And now their best offensive weapon isn't practicing! Alshon Jeffery suffered some sort of a knee injury in the past 2 days. (Fox was even more vague about that than the QB situation). Jeffery was limited yesterday, didn't see the field today. This is not good. Fox just repeatedly said they will monitor his knee, see how it is on Friday, etc.

I honestly don't blame him for not just taking fans directly to negative town. Let there be some sort of hope. After all it's only week 3. But wow. The road ahead looks lost somewhere between long, cold, and painful.

Case in point, last week there was 1 player on the injury report. The last 2 days more than a dozen, and a couple have gone to surgery. Not to mention the only guy limping last week - Kyle Fuller- isn't all the way back yet. The hits just keep on coming.

Remember last year when Cutler missed week 3? (not saying he's out for Sunday- just reviewing facts) - The Bears punted 10 times in a shut out loss at Seattle. I tried to forget too. How about this Fox, we'll remain tenacious, laugh off your avoidance of open honesty, if you piece together a team that will stay competitive... Deal?