'Big Shot' stars Monique Green, Tisha Custodio play basketball with aspiring actresses

The Disney+ stars empowered children from Saving Our Daughters' Cinderellas program with acting advice and basketball tips.

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Monday, June 28, 2021
'Big Shot' stars play basketball with aspiring actresses
Disney+ "Big Shot" stars Monique Green and Tisha Custodio share their acting advice and basketball skills with Saving Our Daughters' Cinderellas program.

LOS ANGELES -- Stars of Disney+ series "Big Shot," Monique Green and Tisha Custodio, made a special appearance at East LA Rising to volunteer with Saving Our Daughters' Cinderellas program.

The actresses spent time with a group of young boys and girls to play games, answer their questions about acting and teach them some basketball skills.

Custodio said, "They're the future so any chance to empower them and inspire them is a really good way to teach them that they could be something more."

Saving Our Daughters works to empower young girls from multicultural backgrounds by helping them overcome social barriers and introducing them to performing arts. Their Cinderellas program, co-founded by actress and singer Keke Palmer, provides girls across the country with opportunities to meet young celebrities who inspire them.

The "Big Shot" actresses shared advice and words of encouragement with the young boys and girls. Green said, "I want them to dream big. I don't want them to think that getting to be where we are right now is impossible because it's not."

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Many of the girls in the Los Angeles chapter of Saving Our Daughters are interested in pursuing careers in acting and the entertainment industry as a whole. Chapter director Amen Oyiboke recognizes how influential it is for young stars like Green and Custodio to spend time with the aspiring actors.

"It's so important that they see someone who looks like them, who speaks like them, who can relate to them, and they're very successful," said Oyiboke.

"Big Shot" follows a temperamental professional basketball coach, played by John Stamos, who gets fired from his job and starts a new position coaching a team of high school girls who learn to grow as players and teammates.

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All episodes of "Big Shot" are streaming now on Disney+.

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Visit Saving Our Daughters to learn more about their programs and how you can help.

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