Disney's Cruella features Emma Thompson and Emma Stone as 2 wicked femme fatales

ByHosea Sanders and Marsha Jordan via WLS logo
Wednesday, May 26, 2021
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Disney's Cruella: Two wicked femme fatales played by Emma Thompson, Emma Stone face off for power

Two wild and wicked femme fatales are facing off for power and high octane fashion in Disney's newest live-action movie Cruella.

One is the young, diabolical Cruella de Vil, the other is the nefarious Baroness who refuses to be dethroned.

"Playing the villain is more fun, if that's the case, this must have been a real bonus for both you," asked Hosea Sanders.

"I speak for both of us when I say Emma Thompson had a great time," said Emma Stone who plays Cruella.

"It's so cool, and we don't get to play villains very often, proper villains," said Thompson who plays the Baroness.

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"It's also not often the case where you see two women who are the leads who are really smarter than all the guys around them that must have been a thrill," asked Sanders.

"When you say not often the case you mean never, let's hope it starts a trend," said Thompson.

"It's not something you often see in a Disney movie, the fact that they are so self-directed and creative and brilliant and going toe to toe for the whole film, I thought it was a really cool and original film," Stone said.

"Tell me about the joy of working together, ladies," asked Sanders.

"We're so fed up with speaking about how much we love each other, by the end of the publicity tour we won't really get on at all," said Thompson.

"Emma T's a legend and more brilliant than you could ever imagine, I'm also obsessed with her because she's so f*&#c%e+ funny - sorry for the f-word . It just came out," Stone said.

"That's what happens," exclaimed Thompson.

Cruella debuts in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access Friday.