Dolton police shooting: Family demands to see video of Alexis Wilson's fatal encounter with officers

DOLTON, Ill. (WLS) -- The family of 19-year-old Alexis Wilson is demanding to see police video of her encounter with Dolton police officers and the deadly shooting and crash that followed.

Forty-eight hours after her death, Wilson's family said they haven't been able to view her body and they've heard almost nothing about how she died near a Dolton restaurant around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

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Her family walked out of the Dolton police department, distraught and disappointed Wednesday.

"Come on man. Where is the justice for us, man? Who killed my baby?" said her father, Alonzo Wilson, covering his face in anguish. "Why did my baby die?"

Publicly, a Dolton spokesperson has said it was an argument that turned to a car crash Tuesday morning.

Surveillance video shows crash into bike shop

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Surveillance video shows a woman crash into a Dolton bike shop after authorities said eh was involvied in an altercation at a restaurant that left two police officers injured.

Police say they were called to Baba's Steak and Lemonade for reports of an angry woman with a gun in the drive-thru.
"She was upset about her food," said Joseph Williams, a relative. "They messed her order up. She went back and said, 'You either going to give me the money back or you're going to correct the order.'"

Williams said that lead to more things being said, and alleges that it also lead to Baba's making a false call to police, saying there was a gun.

"That led to more things being said, but it also led to Baba's making a false call, making the police call saying there was a gun," Williams said. "So you know, now, when the police do arrive, they are absolutely ready. And they asked them to get out of the vehicle."

Police say the man with her got out of the car. But when Alexis refused, Williams said "the officer simply took his authority, reached into this lady's car, vehicle, to force her out. While they tried to force her out, they also struck her multiple times."

Wilson's foot hit the gas and the family says police fired, shooting and killing her. Dolton village spokesperson Sean Howard said the officer saw Wilson's vehicle speeding toward him and that's when he fired. Police said she died when her car hit a nearby bike shop.

Either way, her family wants to see video.

Police said one officer who was injured has been released. The other remains in serious condition.
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