Chicago indulges in Donut Fest 2016

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Sunday, January 31, 2016
Donut Fest 2016 hits Chicago
Donut Fest featured cinnamon sugar donuts, cake donuts, donuts topped with coconut, pistachio donuts and other flavors.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It was a celebration of donuts Sunday on Chicago's North Side for Donut Fest 2016.

Tickets sold out for the event, which featured 18 different donut creators all in one place.

Donut lovers couldn't help themselves.

"Well, I was really hungry this morning," joked Jim Jozwiak, of suburban Plainfield, who was sure to purchase his Donut Fest ticket while on vacation in Mexico.

The Gurnee donuts took home the top prize, but there was also cinnamon sugar donuts, cake donuts, donuts topped with coconut and pistachio donuts.

Then, there were donuts made from flavors from around the globe, including ube - a vegetable that grows in the Philippines.

There was even donuts with bacon on top.

"But this is a special bacon,' said Jonathan Fox, of Firecakes Donuts. "We pepper candy the bacon and then we fill it with a maple cream."

To make the donuts even sweeter was the fact that proceeds raised went to a good cause -- Un86'd, a charity which provides monetary support to restaurant workers in need.

Fans voted their favorites to be Stan Donut's Biscoff Banana Pocket donut, filled with Biscoff cookie butter spread and fresh sliced bananas, Chemshaw 13 Donutz's Fantastic 4 Caramel donut.