Newsviews: Chicago drone ordinances

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Sunday, August 16, 2015
While some people are flying drones for fun, others are putting them to work.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hobbyists are expected to buy 700,000 drones in the U.S. this year; and while some people are flying them for fun, others are putting them to work.

The Orland Park Fire Department has one and recently flew it over a large house fire to see where the flames were spreading, without putting anyone in danger.

But there are safety concerns, like pilots who have reported close encounters with drones.

With those kinds of incidents in mind, Chicago aldermen Ed Burke and Scott Waguespack have introduced an ordinance to regulate their use.

Drones would be banned within five miles of Chicago airports, operators would have to carry insurance and register them, and the drones could only fly at certain times and no higher than 400 feet.

Ald. Waguespack and Professor Henry Perritt from the Chicago Kent College of Law join us this week on Newsviews.

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