Suspected DUI driver smashes into 27 vehicles

OXFORD CIRCLE -- A man suspected of drunk driving was taken into custody, but not before police say he smashed into a total of 27 vehicles in two Philadelphia neighborhoods early Sunday morning.

The suspect is accused of smashing into ten cars along the 1400 block of Devereau Avenue around 3 a.m.

Yolanda Woodberry woke up and assessed the damage to her SUV.

Skid marks and busted car parts show the path of an out of control driver around 3 a.m., striking 27 cars, witnesses say while riding on just three tires.

One witness, Colton Hawk said, "We were coming home, walked out to our car and then this driver, smoke everywhere was coming. He turned and we almost got hit by it."

A surveillance camera on the 6900 block of Kindred Street shows the tail end of the mile long rampage.

An SUV hits a parked vehicle, then seconds later catches fire, but keeps going.

Another witness, Elizabeth Occhiolini said, "His car would only drive sideways, so he hit every car on both sides of the street."

Tearing off mirrors, busting tires and leaving major dents.

Occhiolini says the owners of some of the cars he had previously hit, were following close behind.

"The cars were chasing him as he was going sideways down the block, so when he turned into the other driveway and he took off then," she said.

The suspect ditched his SUV and ran. Police nabbed him several blocks away.

Now, Woodberry and more than 2 dozen others are left to calculate the damage.

"I was just about to get dressed for church this morning. I guess I'll have to stay in and call the insurance company," Yolanda Woodberry said.

David Woodberry of Northeast Philadelphia said, "I'm just glad no one got physically injured or hit by this gentleman and they did catch him."

There was lots of damage, but fortunately, no injuries.

Police arrested a 38-year-old man and charged him with a number of offenses, including driving under the influence.
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