Hinsdale Central, South students canvass for support for $140 million referendum

HINSDALE, Ill. (WLS) -- Students in Hinsdale are getting involved in the election process, going door-to-door Friday canvassing for votes to support a $140 million bond referendum that school district 86 says it needs to restore sports and other programs at Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South high schools.

Students agree both schools need a facelift along with new swimming pools and greater accessibility for students with disabilities, among other improvements.

"Our school is old, it's rundown," said Carl Hinshman, a junior at Hinsdale Central.

"A lot of the classes that I do want to take next year would be cut," said Katy Michael, another Hinsdale Central student.

Supporters say the referendum is necessary to pay for life safety requirements mandated by the state and, if approved, would increase property taxes for district residents by an average of $300 more per year on a $500,000 home.

"The property value that we will experience in appreciation if it passes is going to be tremendous because it's going to show that our community supports our schools," said Kari Galassi, president of the Save Our Schools Campaign.

And while it may not sound like a lot in what is considered a much sought-after school system, the chairman of the "Vote No Do Better D86" committee, Zach Mottl, says the school district needs better management, not more money.

"They've skipped spending out of the annual budget so that they could pay for more wasteful things and now they want us to pay for it in a referendum," said Mottl, who is also the interim village president of Burr Ridge. "So you are not raising your property values by increasing your taxes. You are lowering your property values when you raise your taxes and you're not getting a better school district because you are already a great school district."
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