Lonely Florida boy calls 911, says he wants a friend

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WLS) -- A sweet moment turned into a teachable situation after a young boy called 911 to say he was lonely.

Tallahassee police say the 6-year-old boy called to say he was "upset" and "wanted a friend." The whole time, the boy's mom had no idea he was on the phone with police.

When Tallahassee Police Officer Jon White arrived, the boy asked him if he would "be his friend," and of course Officer White said he would always be a friend.

Officer White gave the boy a stuffed animal and even tied his shoes for him. The young man also got to sit in White's patrol car and turn on the lights.

During his visit the officer took the opportunity to turn the situation into a teachable moment, explaining to the young boy when to call 911.

After spending some quality time together, White promised he would be back to check up on him whenever he was on patrol in the area.
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