Elgin police chief answers questions at protest outside station

ELGIN, Ill. (WLS) -- The Elgin police chief answered questions from the community and family members at a protest outside the station over the officer-involved shooting death of an Elgin woman Monday.

Clements was shot and killed by a police officer on I-90 early Monday morning. Police said that at about 12:34 a.m. officers attempted to pull her over for reasons that are still not known. Clements did not stop and officers did not give chase, according Police Chief Jeffrey Swoboda.

A short time later, police said they spotted Clements' car stopped and damaged on I-90 near Route 25. Police said when officers approached they saw Clements had a knife. According to police, they backed off and then negotiated with her for over an hour.

What exactly happened to prompt SWAT team Lieutenant Christian Jensen to shoot and kill Clements is unclear. Jensen is a 19-year department veteran. He has been placed on paid administrative leave per department policy.

Illinois State police are leading the investigation into the shooting.

Outside the Elgin Police Department, things got emotional.

"When the officer ultimately pulled the trigger, that's for him to answer why he did that," said Swoboda

The Tuesday afternoon question and answers session was heated at times. Community members and Decynthia Clements' family are frustrated and were vocal about it.

"I don't have to come out here and talk to you all. I'm here," he said.

The medical examiner said Clements died of multiple gunshot wounds but did not specify how many times she was shot.

"Why shoot her instead of Tase her?" asked the victim's son.

"We believe a Taser was on scene, was deployed, but she was also shot," Swoboda answered.

Swoboda also said that at least seven of his officers were wearing body cameras that were rolling during the incident. He said he has only seen portions of that video, and would not say what he saw.

State police are reviewing the body camera video as part of their investigation.

"We want an independent authority outside of law enforcement to do the investigation. Somebody who has no skin in the game with community or law enforcement to come look in and look at the facts and call it like it is," said community activist Marcus Banner.
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