Firearms, DNA experts testify in trial of Emonte Morgan, charged in CPD Officer Ella French's murder

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Saturday, March 2, 2024
Firearms, DNA experts testify in trial for murder of CPD's Ella French
Emonte Morgan is on trial for the murder of Ella French, a police officer killed in a 2021 Chicago shooting.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- In court on Friday, we learned new information about the night Chicago Police Officer Ella French was murdered.

Emonte Morgan is charged in the deadly shooting, which happened during a traffic stop in 2021. French's partner, Carlos Yañez, was badly injured.

There was a brief comment of support from Morgan's family. He is on trial for murder and attempted murder.

Separately, Officers Carlos Yañez and Joshua Blas walked with the mother of their late partner. Morgan is accused of killing French and critically wounding Yañez.

The attending emergency room doctor, who treated Yañez, testified. Doctor Isabel Malone told the jury about his condition on August 7, 2021 and that he was in danger of dying.

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"He had severe bleeding and swelling to his brain, and his eye was damaged," Malone said.

Several witnesses called regarding evidence and analysis of evidence.

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Jurors also heard from a firearms specialist from the Illinois State Police that a handgun found nearby was jammed and could not be fired, but spent shell casings from that weapon were found.

A DNA expert testified that DNA from both Morgan and Yañez was on the front slide of that same weapon.

As this trial goes into a second week, French was remembered outside of the Leighton Criminal Courthouse. It was an event honoring Officer Andrés Vásquez Lasso, who was killed one year ago Friday.

"I'd like please keep the French, Yañez and Blas families in our thoughts and prayers as the trial for the offender is underway currently. We pray for justice to prevail in this case. And for the future case for the offender responsible for Andres murder," one officer said.

The judge told jurors to expect to begin deliberating on Tuesday, when the trial resumes.