Quintonio LeGrier remembered at NIU memorial

DEKALB, Ill. (WLS) -- A memorial for Quintonio LeGrier, a young man shot and killed by Chicago police, was held on the NIU campus he attended in DeKalb Wednesday evening.

"I'm just hoping that I get some justice and the truth be told," said Janet Cooksey, who gathered with others to gather, grieve and celebrate the life of her son. "It was just what I needed after yesterday after hearing the 911 calls."

The memorial came just days after audio of Quintonio calling for police was released. LeGrier called 911 three times before his father did, but dispatchers disregarded his first two calls. His father then called, claiming his son was holding a baseball bat.

Police arrived, then shot and killed LeGrier and Bettie Jones, a neighbor police acknowledge was accidentally shot.

Cooksey still has unanswered questions: "Why would you call police and ask for help three times and have combative behavior?"

Students who knew Quintonio talked about losing him.

"When it actually hits home, it's a different feeling," said Jacob Clayton, president of Black Male Initiative.

Clayton recalled coming to Chicago for LeGrier's funeral. He says "Q" had just joined the club.

"Watching people walk up, one by one, and just give their personal testimonies on who he was, was incredible," Clayton said.

Students, parents and friends also remembered NIU student Joseph Graves, 19, who was shot in the head while home in Chicago for Christmas break. Graves was a sophomore studying business.

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