'Emergency Call' host Luke Wilson talks about new series premiere on ABC

Monday, September 28, 2020
'Emergency Call' host Luke Wilson talks about new series debut
Luke Wilson talks about ABC's new reality series "Emergency Call" showing what happened when people desperate for help dial 911.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The ultimate reality series "Emergency Call" premieres on ABC7 Monday night.

The show's host Luke Wilson spoke about the first link in the chain of those responding to life and death situations when people desperate for help dial 911.

"As an actor, I've gotten a chance to meet a lot of police officers and do ride alongs, and I've met paramedics and firemen but I've never had a chance to meet call takers or visit a call center," Wilson said.

Most people in their life only will call 911 once, maybe twice, so they treat each call with the same importance that it has to you.

"There was a call in Ogden, Utah that started out as a domestic disturbance and then turned into a car chase, and then this guy fired shots at an ambulance and he started a fire in a field and then ran off into a construction site and the whole thing lasted six hours," Wilson described when asked if any calls stood out to him.

"They're well aware of the stakes and they're unbelievable people. They are really exceptional on how they're able to multi-task and stay calm," he added.

Wilson said the centers do also get more light-hearted calls as well.

"Like a guy wandering out of a bar and he can't remember which tree he chained his bike to," Wilson said.

When it comes to thoughts on a career change, Wilson said he'll leave it to the pros.

"I would be totally overwhelmed," he said. "They're on 12-hour shifts and I would only be there for three or four hours and I would come out with my head spinning. It only kind of left me with more admiration for them."

"Emergency Call" debuts on ABC Monday at 9 p.m. CT.