'Jeopardy' great Ken Jennings compares rivalry with James Holzhauer to Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron

If we ever see a face-off between "Jeopardy!" greats Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer, Jennings said he's not so sure it would be an even playing field.

"Can I have my 2004 brain back if I play this guy?" he asked. "I think I could hold my own against him even today, but I would need some breaks."

In his first live interview about the man quickly gaining on his records, Jennings made a baseball analogy to explain why he thinks we'll never know who's truly the greatest.

"The thing is, it's been 15 years for me," he told "Good Morning America." "We'll never know how Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron would have played at the same time because they were decades apart."

In addition to a potential future face-off in the Tournament of Champions, Holzhauer and Jennings are also pitted against each other in the official Jeopardy Hall of Fame.

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The show keeps track of four categories. Jennings has the highest in most consecutive games and highest regular season wins. Brad Rutter has the highest all-time winnings (including tournaments). In the fourth category -- most single-game winnings -- Holzhauer holds not just the top spot but the top 10.

Though Holzhauer is a long way off from Jennings' consecutive wins, he's extremely close to overtaking him in regular season earnings. At the rate he's been going, Holzhauer could claim the top spot within the next week.

"I always knew it could be done," Jennings said of the potential of losing that record. "What I did not expect is that somebody could make a run at the cash record in like a third of the time. It's really just astounding what he's doing. "

Jennings said the different types of records are reflective of their respective playing styles. Holzhauer, a professional sports bettor, is known for risking large amounts on the Daily Doubles.

"I tended to play a more relaxed game like I was sitting at my couch at home yelling answers at Alex (Trebek), the way we all do ... It led to the long streak," Jennings said. "And this is a guy who wants to maximize winnings every time he's got the chance. That's what he does for a living. He is a gambler, and he's very comfortable with that."

Jennings, who is returning to television as a trivia expert on The Game Show Network's "Best Ever Trivia Show" next month, said he's not bothered by Holzhauer's streak. What he is bothered by, though, is his nickname: "Jeopardy!" James.

"I'm like, no, no, no. I'm that guy," he said. "You can't put 'Jeopardy!' in front of his name. I used to be the 'Jeopardy!' guy!"
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