Naperville North Alum captures his 11th straight win on Jeopardy!

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Naperville North High School has Jeopardy fever as one of their own has broken one record for single day cash winnings.

To the world James Holzhauer is the sports bettor from Las Vegas on Jeopardy making a name for himself with the uncanny ability to nail the answer. However, to his high school math team coach Elizabeth Moore, he's still the "Jamie" she always knew.

"He was very talented mathematically," recounted Moore who coached Holzhauer his freshman and sophomore year of high school. "He had a good intuitive sense at math, so he was very good at spotting tricks or figuring out patterns, so he was very good at solving problems because if he saw the pattern right away he could solve the problem right away."

Those skills now carry over to his Jeopardy run.

"I don't remember Jamie being very good about doing his math team homework, because he felt like he knew the stuff so he didn't really have to practice it," Moore added.

James excelled academically, winning state championship on the math team his junior and senior year, he was also a member of the chess team, the academic bowl, and Amnesty International, before going on to study math in college at the University of Illinois.

His father Juergen Holzhauer said he knew from a young age that James had a gift, getting media attention for his skills at the age of four.

"We recognized very early that James had exceptional math abilities," said Juergen. "At age four he was written up in the Chicago Tribune for his math abilities, and in junior high he was on whats called the math counts team."

Although he may not have always finished his homework, his high school teachers remember him for more than just his brains. Liz Moore recalls his love for pizza and his Letterman jacket.

The Naperville native is getting an immense amount of support from his Alum, Naperville North, as well as family. Thursday he reciprocated it, writing a message to Katie and Jojo in his final answer.

He captured his 11th straight win Thursday. The record is 74 days held by Ken Jennings.

Holzhauer's winnings now total $771,920.
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