Navy Pier exhibit features 'All Access' to works by Chicago rock photographer

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Rolling Stones "Exhibitionism" event is still going strong at Navy Pier, but there's also a companion exhibit at the Pier called "All Access with Paul Natkin."

Janet Davies talked to a renowned Chicago rock photographer about his personal tribute to the band.

"I got into the music business because I wanted to meet the Stones, that was my only reason when I started out," said rock photographer Paul Natkin.

Natkin did more than just meet his idols. He photographed the world's greatest rock and roll band on tours for a decade. The images are showcased in the "All Access" exhibit.

"It was kind of amazing to be a fan and find myself in a private jet riding around with the Stones or being backstage with them eating dinner with them," Natkin said.

"I turned around and Mick was standing on one side of me and Keith was standing on the other side and there were 80,000 people in a football stadium and it was like, who doesn't belong in this picture?" Natkin said.
"I've seen people walk up to Mick Jagger and just start crying because they can't believe they're in the same room with him and he hugs them and tells them it's ok.

"Keith and I were playing against Eric Clapton and David Bowie and I had to keep looking around thinking I'm some guy from Chicago and here I am playing pool with some of the biggest rock stars in the world."

Upstairs from Paul's All Access exhibit you can see more of his photos inside the sprawling Exhibitionism show.

"They've always had a thing about Chicago the last time I was hanging out with Keith, it was me and Keith and Buddy guy and at one point they were arguing over me, he's my photographer, no he's my photographer and how can anything get better than that?" Natkin said.

"I got into their inner circle because of Keith, and he's the epitome of rock and roll, his picture should be in the dictionary next to rock and roll and he's the real deal.

"I always say I could die happy because this is the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

All Access with Paul Natkin is at Navy Pier through July 30. null
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