This week in 'Star Wars' news: One week until 'The Force Awakens'

The new droid BB- is shown in ''Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'' (2015 Lucasfilm Ltd)

A long time ago, the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens seemed far, far away, but not anymore. The movie hits theaters next Friday, and a lot has happened in the Star Wars universe in the past week.

While you wonder just how slowly the clock can tick until the movie comes out, get yourself excited for the premiere by learning about the fan projects, big events and news about the movie.

Here's what happened this week in Star Wars:

  • A couple plans to get married before the premiere outside of the theater. Superfans Caroline Ritter and Andrew Porters have been engaged for eight years, and they're finally tying the knot outside of the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on the premiere date. Perhaps instead of "I do," these two should exchange an "I love you" and "I know."

  • Dozens are already lined up outside that theater besides the wedding party. Fans are coming out in full force, camping out to see the premiere but also to raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation, and they've been there since 12 days before the premiere.

  • Still putting together your look for the premiere? The Star Wars "Force 4 Fashion" charity auction was held this week, and from it Oh My Disney collected some epic Star Wars-inspired hairstyles to help you look Star Wars ready when you head to the theater.

  • Sotheby's auctioned off classic memorabilia in its first Star Wars auction online Friday. Some items when for big money, like a Luke Skywalker action figure that drew $25,000. Check out a preview of the items below.

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    Here's a sneak peek at Sotheby's massive online ''Star Wars'' auction. (Reported and edited by Todd Pierce)

  • Soccer fans used Darth Vader to intimidate. Fans of Bulgaria's CSKA Sofia soccer team knew how to intimidate with Sith-like skill. They used thousands of Storm trooper masks, a giant Darth Vader flag and some fireworks to create quite a scare during Wednesday's match, which they won, of course.

  • Fans compete in the ultimate marathon watch-off. This might be the longest Star Wars marathon the galaxy has ever seen. Seven people were chosen to watch the films at Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas. After watching the first six movies next week, they'll view the new film over and over again until one megafan is left standing.

  • Step inside the world of Star Wars using virtual reality. Talk about joining the resistance! You can now experience Star Wars as a secret agent on Jakku (the desert world from the movie) through a virtual reality video on the Star Wars app.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres Dec. 18 with select showings on Dec. 17.

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