'Wicked City' debuts on ABC

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Wicked City" is a wild crime drama set in Hollywood in the 1980's when the fear of serial killers going after young women tarnished the glitz and glamor.

"Wicked City" follows a cat and mouse game between a serial killing duo, their victims and the detectives on their trail.

"This is a rabbit hole. You're just going to go in on a crazy story," Erika Christensen said.

Actor Ed Westwick researched serial killers from that era, including Ted Bundy who confessed to murdering dozens of women.

"I watched a lot of interviews. I mean you have to fill in the blanks because I'm obviously not a serial killer," Westwick said.

Another star in the show? The wild 1980s.

"It definitely gets under your skin, it's definitely creepy," actor Gabriel Luna said.

"It's definitely been one hell of a ride," Westwick said.
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