'Extreme embalming' funeral goes viral

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Friday, June 13, 2014
Miriam Burbank is posed with some of her favorite things at an "extreme funeral."

NEW ORLEANS (WLS) -- A New Orleans woman's funeral is going viral, as another example of "extreme embalming."

Miriam Burbank, 53, was posed at a table with a glass of Busch beer, a menthol cigarette and a disco ball overhead. Her body also sports a manicure inspired by the New Orleans Saints.

Burbank's family says the arrangement was well-recieved by friends.

"When I walked in, I feel like I was in her house and I didn't hurt so much. Because it's more of her, and it's like she's not dead. It's not like a funeral," Burbank's sister Sherline said." It's like she's just in the room with us."

No word on how Burbank died.