5 reasons why you should be watching 'FABLife'

The countdown is over and FABLife is here! Executive producer and chief life stylist Tyra Banks and her crew of experts are ready to show you how to make life more fun and beautiful. Call it the cure for the common lifestyle.

Wondering what Tyra, Chrissy, Joe, Lauren and Leah have in store? Here are five reasons why you need to be watching:

1. The Expert Life Stylists
Tyra, Chrissy, Joe, Lauren and Leah are bring it every single day to FABLife. Joe Zee is translating his years of expertise in the world of high fashion to make fashion fun and approachable. Your home girl next door Lauren Makk will be sharing her secrets on how to live a life of affordable luxury and DIY queen Leah Ashley will show you how to live fabulously on a budget by doing it yourself!

2. Life changing makeovers
All of the stylists will be helping everyday people transform into the best versions of themselves. You'll get to see a woman who has never worn makeup in her life get to see things in herself she could never imagine and even get a surprise visit from her daughter who is in the military.

3. Time-saving hacks
Save time, money and your sanity with hacks on everything from the best way to remove red wine stains to how to do your makeup in 60 seconds.

4. Tyra giving it all to the fans
Tyra has always kept it real and you can expect nothing less on FABLife. She'll be sharing her expertise as a top model and a top businesswoman to help you "beautify your face and fierce-ify your life all day, every day." Watch the premiere to see Tyra give a piece of herself away to fans -- literally.

5. Chrissy being Chrissy
The one thing you can expect from Chrissy Teigen is to be prepared for the unexpected. From sweet stories like her proposal story with husband John Legend to hysterical, eye-watering moments like the Take on Teigen: Hot Pepper Challenge, you never know what's going to happen next.

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